Knowledge Strategies and Solutions

Knowledge Strategies & Solutions

How much actual idea sharing and collaboration is really going on via your new social enterprise solution? In most companies, the truth is really shocking! The vast majority of social enterprise technologies and platforms available today promise to deliver on the benefits but often fall short of this goal. You have been sold the social technology promise for the workplace, “if we provide it, we will be more knowledgeable, engaged, agile, etc.” So has your organization benefited?

Cutting Costs with Improved Findability

Managing Content in SharePoint the Easy Way

According to estimates, the amount of content generated in your organization could be doubling every 1.2 years.

Workers already spend over nine hours per week just searching for the information they need. This means that for every $1 million dollars in payroll, you're spending almost $250K on information search!

Now is the time to get control of your content. Clearview allows you to perform a simultaneous real-time search of multiple sources from a single query, tremendously improving findability and vastly reducing the cost of finding information.

Foretelling the 2016 US Hurricane Season Update

Please register now to join XtremeGIS and our special guest presenter David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations. David will provide his insights and research about the 2016 US Hurricane Season as well as the long term outlook for the next four years.

Insurers and Re-insurers making decisions about the 2016 US hurricane risk will benefit from the information provided in this webinar.